Who Should Attend:
Experienced managers and leaders
Group Size: 

6 or more participants
Program Length:
3 days



With so many theories of leadership, how do you know what to put in your programs?
HRDQ has solved that problem with a comprehensive leadership course aimed at leading teams under 21st century conditions. What most organizations need now is a person who can help others learn to lead themselves, a person who is skilled in teaching others to do their jobs better and to work effectively in the context of an empowered team. For most supervisors and managers who have been leaders of traditional work groups, the new leader role may seem a little unnatural. This is a significant and complex behavior change that does not come easily to most supervisors and managers. Team Leader Training can pave the way for this change.
Team Leader Training is designed to help experienced managers from traditional organizational backgrounds make the transition to a style of leadership more suitable to empowered, high-performance, self-directed, or self-managed work teams.
Team Leader Training participants will:

  • Develop a new leadership orientation emphasizing facilitative behaviors.

  • Empower team members to assume a greater share of the leadership and team management responsibilities.

  • Align a team to its mission, vision, and short-term performance goals.

  • Organize high-performance teams through role clarification and negotiation.

  • Create effective, high-performance operating processes.

  • Foster effective interpersonal and inter-team relationships.

"Before going through the program, I had my doubts about whether it would be worthwhile. It was! Team Leader Training™ has turned out to be so necessary and so valuable. HRDQ has made a believer out of me!"

Barbara Kwiatek, Licensing Manager, ASCAP

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