Who Should Attend:
Managers, supervisors, and professionals who negotiate as part of their jobs
Group Size:

4 or more participants
Program Length:
2 days



Help your clients turn their managers and professional employees into collaborative negotiators with Negotiating by Design. This powerful 2-day learning experience shows participants how to prepare for negotiations, acquire the interpersonal skills needed to support the collaborative process, and achieve principled win-win agreements.
Based on the well-known N2 model of negotiating behavior, participants learn how to open and close negotiations effectively, find creative solutions to tough problems, and work through differences. Thousands of participants have discovered their personal approach to negotiating, and in many cases, moved to a more effective style. Negotiators who gain the insight provided by Negotiating by Design also learn the skills and methods required to achieve positive outcomes in more sensitive internal negotiations between work groups, departments, and divisions in which the relationship is as important as the subject of the negotiation.
Negotiating by Design participants will:

  • Acquire new techniques for planning negotiations using an 8-step system.
  • Learn and practice the collaborative N2 discussion model for negotiating with others.
  • Improve interpersonal skills needed to support a collaborative negotiating style.
  • Perfect methods needed for a 6 step collaborative discussion.
  • Develop the ability to problem solve with difficult negotiators.
"We put 150 sales and marketing managers through Negotiating by Design® this year, and they loved it! They particularly enjoyed learning about their own negotiating styles and discovering their power sources. It's made all the difference in my professional and personal life. I just used win-win negotiating to get a great deal on the car I wanted!"

Lisa Mathis, Staff Director for Sales Management, NYNEX Mobile

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