Who Should Attend:
Team leaders and team members from all types of organizations
Group Size:

6 or more participants
Program Length:
2˝ - 3 days



Authentic teamwork is built upon commitment, trust, collaboration, and competence - qualities that can only be developed with considerable effort over time. Without proper training, work groups will almost certainly be hampered by conflicting goals, inefficient work methods, poor communication, and strained interpersonal relationships.
Nearly every organization is training teams today. You need TEAMPOWER - a dynamic, experiential learning event that provides the preparation your groups need to begin functioning as committed, high-performance teams. Well-researched, thoroughly tested, and continually updated, TEAMPOWER is the longest-running, best-selling team-building seminar in the world.
TEAMPOWER participants will:

  • Build team spirit and a cohesive membership.

  • Acquire and develop group process skills.

  • Unearth blockages to team performance.

  • Encourage innovation.

  • Increase team productivity.

  • Find more satisfaction in their work and team relationships.

Looking for an outdoor teambuilding experience? TEAMPOWER Challenge is a 2˝-day team building program that combines indoor and outdoor experiential learning to spark immediate and lasting change. Faced with a series of imaginative, outdoor challenges, teams must work together to solve problems and make decisions that have real consequences. It's an exciting experience for participants that combines serious learning and results in a memorable team building event.

"We participated in TEAMPOWER® as a management group, and we were so excited with the positive effects that we decided to roll the program out to all members of our Customer Commitment Network."

Barbara Woolsey, Manager of Curriculum Development, Abbott Laboratories

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