Who Should Attend:
Participants from both supplier and customer organizations
Group Size:

12 or more participants
Program Length:
2 days




Partnering is a non-traditional relationship between two parties that is characterized by a high degree of mutual trust, a strong desire to create mutual gains, extensive information sharing, joint problem-solving activities, and plans for a long-term relationship. The expected result is a gain for each partner that could not be achieved through a traditional adversarial relationship. Yet most organizations find that it is difficult to begin partnering on their own. There are many potential pitfalls and special skills are required.
PartnerPower is a proven, 2-day process that takes both organizations through the transition in a logical, efficient way. Start your next partnership by first bringing both organizations together for partnership training and achieve greater strategic successes.
PartnerPower participants will:

  • Understand the meaning of partnering and its benefits.

  • Assess the current state of the customer-supplier relationship. 

  • Discover the limitations of a traditional customer-supplier relationship. 

  • Learn a model of ideal partnering behavior. 

  • Identify and practice the essential communication and creativity skills needed to build and maintain a partnering relationship. 

  • Develop a joint action plan for creating a productive partnership.

"PartnerPower™ is an essential course which provides the tools to understand the meaning of a strong alliance between client and supplier. The added value that an alliance could generate for both parties becomes very evident after attending this seminar."

Mauricio Jarrin, Vice President of South American Division, Halliburton Energy Services 

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