Who Should Attend:
Team members and team leaders

Group Size:

6 or more participants
Program Length:
3 days 




Most organizations today need more empowered people. The trouble is that most organizations don't know how to go about empowering their employees. Training and development are needed, but simply giving the empowerment message to either the team members or the team leaders is not likely to work. The trick is to train both groups together. High-Performance Team Training delivers the concept of empowerment in a way that translates into action.

High-Performance Team Training participants will:

  • Understand a model of self-management and empowerment.
  • Assist in developing a mission, a vision, and short-term performance goals.
  • Clarify their new roles and relationships.
  • Accept responsibility for the team's work as well as their own individual tasks.
  • Refine team dynamics skills.
  • Assist the team to learn group problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Manage group performance.
  • Identify blockages to high performance.
  • Help their team leader develop his/her facilitation skills.



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