Global Lead
To build stronger, more productive relationships
Newly formed and intact work groups
Time Required:
Ranges from 15 minutes – 2 hours per module
Each Game Trains: Up to 4 groups of 4 to 6 participants at one time


We Connect®
By Global Lead

We Connect® begins where other diversity training typically leaves off. This interactive game allows individuals to build connections — and eventually relationships — with others who may differ in style, background, culture, or other areas of diversity. By surfacing common ground, individuals begin to break down barriers, defy stereotypes, and build trust.

How the game is played:
Based on the We Connect Model® for diversity, We Connect® consists of three separate but related modules. Using colored links in different ways to visually depict similarities and differences, the game addresses six key areas of diversity: mental, physical, spiritual, relational, occupational, and societal.

Module Objective Skill Focus
I: We Connect
15 – 60 minutes
To discover similarities by building a chain using colored links to visually depict connections
  • Self-disclosure
  • Active listening
  • Making connections
  • Valuing diversity
II: We Dialogue
1 ˝ – 2 hours
To recognize similarities and differences; to practice a four-phase process for managing disconnects
  • Nurturing dialogue
  • Effective communication
  • Withholding judgment
  • Offering amnesty
III: We Work
1 ˝ – 2 hours
To build more effective work groups by strengthening communication, leadership, and interpersonal relationships
  • Brainstorming
  • Practicing Leadership
  • Practicing Followership
  • Busting Paradigms

We Connect® is flexible and easy to facilitate! While each module is designed to build upon the learning of the previous one, the activities can be run independently or in combination with one another.

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