Global Lead
To understand how individual socialization affects interactions with different groups
All levels of organizational members
Time Required:
1 – 2 hours
Each Game Trains: Up to 24 participants at one time


Global Beads®
By Global Lead

Finally — an interactive diversity game that is easy to facilitate but drives home its point. Introducing Global Beads®, an innovative, experiential learning tool explores the ways in which factors such as race, gender, age, and religion play a role in socialization, and impact our interactions with others. What makes Global Beads® so powerful is that participants learn from their own lives and experiences, not a hypothetical case study or abstract lecture. There simply is no other product like it available today.

How the game is played:
Using colored beads to represent different races, genders, and religious groups, participants respond to a series of 33 questions in order to create visuals of their background and the choices they have made in their lives. A thorough debriefing discussion then helps participants to make a conscious effort to create larger zones of familiarity, comfort, and trust.

[Product Image]Global Beads® Learning Outcomes:

  • Create a visual representation of socialization
  • Understand how individual socialization affects interactions
  • Learn how make deliberate attempts at building relationships with different groups
  • Increased familiarity, comfort, and trust between people of different backgrounds

The Participant Guide provides participants with a personal journal to record their thoughts, comments, questions, and insights during and after the exercise.
Highlights from the Facilitator Guide include step-by-step guidelines; questions to participants; debrief discussion; adaptations; teaching aids; and race, ethnicity, gender, age, and religion overviews.

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Global Beads® Complete Game Kit / $849 / Code #1905E1KT
Includes: 7 bags of multi-colored beads / Facilitator Guide / 24 Participant Guides / 100 participant boxes / 28 station cups / 2 sample composition containers / 2 containers for city & county composition / sturdy tote box 
Global Beads® Extra Game Pack / $460 / Code #1905E1GP1
Includes: 7 bags of multi-colored beads / 24 participant boxes / 24 Participant Guides


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