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Working Through Organizational Change
A One-Day Workshop

Change is constant and inevitable — it’s one of the few things in life we can count on. We can also count on the fact that, whether change is organization-wide or specific to individual departments or employees, everyone has a reaction to it. The organizations we work for demand that we both adopt and adapt to change. The more we know about the process of change, the better equipped we are to take steps towards the acceptance of change and adapt to it effectively in our work and our lives.

Through the use of assessments, activities, discussion exercises, and simulations, this action-packed, one-day workshop covers all aspects of change, helping individuals make a conscious effort to support the changes they encounter. Based on experiential theory, Working Through Organizational Change enables participants to learn and practice specific actions that can be taken to help them deal more effectively with change in the workplace.

“I have facilitated the Working Through Organizational Change workshop to participants in various roles and industries and constantly get outstanding results. This workshop is a highly effective, ready-to-use full-day workshop that helps employees understand and support organizational change. At the end of the day, participants come away with an understanding of their typical reaction to change and a framework to approach future change that they can apply to their everyday lives.”
Gary Turner
Turner Consulting

Working Through Organizational Change Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify personal response to organizational change
  • Understand how change can create stress in any work environment
  • Understand the four phases one must pass through to successfully handle change
  • Identify 12 actions that help to regain a sense of control while in the midst of change.

This complete workshop is perfect for any organization in the midst of change or anticipating a change. Ideal for any individual or team that experiences frequent change in their work, Working Through Organizational Change can be presented in one day or two half-day training sessions.

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Working Through Organizational Change Facilitator Kit / $375 / Code #2406E1KT
Includes: Facilitator Guide in 3-ring binder, reusable support materials for up to 21 participants, step by step instructions, alternative training designs, overhead transparency masters, reproducible trainer evaluation form and certificate of achievement, CD-ROM with PowerPoint® presentation, tote bag.
Working Through Organizational Change Participant Guide / $125 / Code #2406E1PG  
Working Through Organizational Change Support Materials / $35 / Code #2406E1GP1
Additional materials for one team (up to 7 participants)

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Implementing Working Through Organizational Change is easy!
To get started, order one Facilitator Kit and one participant guide per participant. The Facilitator Kit includes a Facilitator Guide and enough reusable support materials to train up to 21 participants.
Additional support materials may be ordered for larger groups.