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Creating Team Synergy
A One-Day Workshop

Have you ever witnessed a winning sports team, a well-rehearsed orchestra, or a synchronized surgical unit and felt the commitment and energy the team demonstrated? What you saw was more than just teamwork — it was team synergy, a phenomenon that occurs when a team achieves greater results than the sum of its parts.

Creating Team Synergy is a complete, ready-to-train workshop that revolves around five key issues that can block team effectiveness. Using learning instruments, hands-on activities, and an interactive team simulation, teams gain a clearer sense of direction, clarify roles and responsibilities, improve operating processes, and bolster both interpersonal and interteam relationships.

“The Creating Team Synergy Workshop is a compilation of some of HRDQ’s most effective team building instruments and activities into an engaging and interactive one-day training event that helps team members improve their working relationships, as well as the quality and quantity of work they produce. Best of all, it’s ready to use as is, or can be adapted to meet your specific training needs and time requirements.”
Cathy Proviano, Med
HRDQ Senior Research Developer

Creating Team Synergy Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the stages of team effectiveness
  • Pinpoint the team’s current level of development
  • Recognize and eliminate blockages to maximum performance
  • Define criteria for meaningful mission, vision, and goal statements
  • Identify team member communication styles
  • Capitalize on team members’ communication similarities and differences
  • Determine ways to strengthen relationships with other groups and teams

Creating Team Synergy is flexible! Ideal for teams at all levels, the workshop can be presented in one full day, two half-day sessions, or combined with other training sessions to create an expanded learning experience.

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Creating Team Synergy Facilitator Kit / $375 / Code #2401E1KT
Includes: Facilitator Guide in 3-ring binder, reusable support materials for up to 18 participants, step-by-step instructions, alternative training designs, overhead transparency masters, reproducible trainer evaluation form and certificate of achievement, CD-ROM with PowerPoint® presentation, tote bag.
Creating Team Synergy Participant Guide / $125 / Code #2401E1PG  
Creating Team Synergy Support Materials / $145 / Code #2401E1GP1
Additional materials for one team (up to 18 participants)

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Implementing Creating Team Synergy is easy!
To get started, order one Facilitator Kit and one participant guide per participant. The Facilitator Kit includes a Facilitator Guide and enough reusable support materials to train up to 18 participants.
Additional support materials may be ordered for larger groups.