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" “Love” indeed spotlights the most powerful force in the cosmos. The power behind this force goes by many names,   yet we would leave the semantics to the individual.  Donald G. Carty’s work is a wealth of Spirit & knowledge that serves to propagate a timeless & priceless jewel of the infinite. It’s cross pollinated embodiment of faith draws all to it’s center. So too for the faithless , as nature knows no limitations. Take a moment & let the power of his work draw you into a new reality."

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Donald Carty the Artist & Writer.
"His art & prose speak in a spirit of self empowerment & love. Combining an atmospheric & ethereal blend of musical ambiance , the meditations & spoken word inspiration of D.G.C. are a wonder-send to all who sample his beatific & spiritual art. 
The works of “Meditations & Spoken Word Inspiration” offer a plethora of data for the soul in it’s infinite journey. It’s soliloquy is a sublime meditative series of affirmations & thoughts , rooted in eternity. This tree has many branches & multi-colored leaves all flowing in the stream of light , energy & the power of love."
The Book "Within You is The Power." More now than ever before we need to be inspired and energized by the Power lying hidden in each of us, so that we may rise from the ashes of our dead hopes to build anew our life in greater beauty and in more harmony. This illumination makes this book even more pertinent now than when it was originally written over 80 years ago in the 1920's.
"The enlightened message of this book moves forward in time with grace and ease, and serves to help bring the inner power of mind and spirit into expression, wisely and in harmony with Universal Law." Donald G. Carty "

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