Donald G. Carty   artist, writer & consultant

The works of“Meditations & Spoken Word Inspiration” offer a plethora of data for the soul in it’s infinite journey. It’s soliloquy is a sublime meditative series of affirmations & thoughts , rooted in eternity. This tree has many branches & multi-colored leaves all flowing in the stream of light , energy & the power of love."

On Love
“On Love” indeed spotlights the most powerful force in the cosmos.

for the Rest of My Life
“for the Rest of My Life” showcases a positive agenda of altruism that embraces multiple forms of philosophy based upon faith and adherence to universal truths.

On Self Knowledge
Combining an atmospheric & ethereal blend of musical ambiance, "On Self Knowledge" offers a plethora of data for the soul in it’s infinite journey.

On Talking and Friendship
Combining an atmospheric & ethereal blend of musical ambiance, "On Talking and Friendship" offers a plethora of data for the soul in it’s infinite journey.

On Pleasure
"On Pleasure" certainly unfolds its spirit in the omnipresent. Uninterrupted in the stream of light , energy & the power of love.

On Children
"On Children" reveals the guileless flow of the Infinite within its boundless soul. It’s soliloquy is a sublime series of thoughts , rooted in eternity.

On Marriage
"On Marriage" embraces the aloneness between the shores of our souls, searching for it's own awakening. The power that draws us together also, dances among us.

On Joy and Sorrow
"On Joy and Sorrow" verily suspends us like scales between the heights and depths of our soul. Ever present within the Light and the darkness of Truth.

On Houses
"On Houses" discloses to us that as children of space, we will neither be trapped nor tamed. And that it is a mast and and eyelid of our souls.

On Work
"On Work" indeed enfolds us in the grace of the Infinite. A fullfillment of the earth's furthest dream, assigned to us when the dream was born..

and Acceptance
"and Acceptance" is the Answer. It awaits within the infinite.

"Donald G. Carty offers a unique glimpse & perspective to the inner workings & mind of man. He believes that life is filled with possibilities waiting to be realized, rich with meanings calling out to be understood.  This idea of a mystical or spritual dimension to life, the “not visible” or the “not yet” that can only be known through intuition or by a leap of faith, is far more important to Donald than the world of material things.  Whether one be a follower of the various faiths of this world or other worlds , the design of D.G.C.’s work is enthralling. Take a moment & let the power of his work draw you into a new reality."

Donald Carty the Artist & Writer. "His art & prose speak in a spirit of self empowerment & love. Combining an atmospheric & ethereal blend of musical ambiance , the meditations & spoken word inspiration of D.G.C. are a wonder-send to all who sample his beatific & spiritual art. 

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