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Donald G. Carty's Blog
Friday, 10 September 2004
Meditations and Spoken Word
Now Playing: for the restof my Life
Wow. This was like watching yourself walk into one of those really excrutiatingly painful bear traps, then actually doing it, then realizing it's actually a secret trap door to a really kickin' party that serves free cocktails deep into the night and is oozing pure enlightenment rightout of it's wonderfully small enlightenment-cocktail party pores. Exactly like that.
Donald G. Carty's medium is motivational speaking set to Native-American-esque backround music that reminds me of the rainforest/thunderstorm tapes mom listen to when they go to sleep. At first this scared me. I'm not really a person who goes in for motivational/self help shenanigans, but i listened to this a few times, as i am somehow very mysteriously obligated to, and discovered that i really like a lot of what this guy has to say. The main message follows the gist that if you live without the pressure of worrying about yesterday and tomorrow, you will have that much more to live your today with, thus making all of yesterdays and tomorrows good, because all todays turn into...well you get it. He touches on many more messages and helpful codes for making yourself better, and even i without faith can ignore all the references to higher beings without trouble (though i do note the blend of God and Confuscious...Teachings and theories which put together might make some sense.) The blend of the relaxing backround music, his asthetic voice, and the things in the words he says makes me think that if Richard Simmons' tapes sounded more like this, there would be far fewer fat people in the world today. I think if i sat here listened to this once a day, i might be a better person and my life might be an easier place to live. I wish i had that kind of time.
Review: N.V.

Posted by jodoncarty at 5:30 PM EDT

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