Your  key to personal development is self-knowledge.

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Know What Truly Motivates You
The Personal Potential Assessment reveals the real you: your natural motivations, interests and talents for work. An invaluable tool for career assessment and career potential analysis.

Your Free Analysis Yields:

  • Sample of each section of your narrative results.
  • Includes 5 free job matches to over 900 O*NET job descriptions with complete Occupational Outlook Handbook Documentation.
  • Search real jobs that match your personal motivations by using O*NET to find the right career fit.
  • Top 11-20 jobs with your greatest potential for success.
  • Free resource guide for career changers.
Discover your strengths, your styles for communications, learning and leadership. See what career is best for you.


Do You Know Why?
Most personal assessment tools identify traits, competencies, and practices to clarify style. This Personality Profile takes it a step further to identify the reasons why we have these characteristics and what we can do to:

  • Tailor personal development to satisfy our deepest desires.
  • Manage our natural tendencies that sabotage our best efforts.
  • Address your fundamental need for meaning.

Your Free Personality Profile Yields:

  • Your Personality "type" and description.
  • Profile summary.
  • Your basic fear and your basic desire.
  • Personal development recommendations for your "type".
  • A resource list for further study and development.
It provides invaluable feedback about you and where you are starting your learning and development journey.


Now put it all Together!

Once you have completed the free personality profile and the free career potential assessment then you are ready to Build Your Mission Statement. This is where you will start building your path to personal development.

Your Free Mission Statement:

  • Takes 5 of your positive characteristics.
  • Helps you develop Actions to express them.
  • Defines your business goals.
  • and puts them all into one statement.
"People with goals succeed because they know where they are going... It's as simple as that." - Earl Nightingale

We hope you enjoyed your visit with us. Please give us Your Comments and Suggestions. If you did your Profile, Assessment and Mission Statement, you worked very hard. Congratulations, now go here and relax for an important message and Interview.


Personal Coaching has become the cutting edge advantage for successful individuals. Personal Coaching allows focused individualized attention to promote in-depth self-awareness and fine-tuned performance enhancement. Please follow the instructions on the form. Your answer (s) will be posted on this site.

Answers to Your Free Coaching Question Yields:

  • Invaluable feedback about you.
  • Where you are NOW in your personal development journey.
  • Recommendations for the next step in your quest for personal fulfillment.

For ongoing Personal Coaching support please join us.