Sales Consultants

The Sales Consultant is an individual who has decided to seek financial independence by building a business with Fine Pewter 950. The individual participates in a proven business model that generously rewards without investment or risk. In addition, there are no fixed expenses so profits can be earned on a relaxed schedule without concerns associated with taking time off.

The decision on how much effort and energy is put into one´s business belongs to the individual consultant. The business model permits an unlimited income potential. As the sales efforts take place, the business should create its momentum as one party leads to a second, and a continuous chain of Pewter Parties is built. In addition, the recruiting of Consultants builds a team under the Consultant which directly contributes to the consultant´s income. With consistent effort, financial independence may be reached in only a few years.

If your are interested in becoming a sales consultant, please send us an e-mail, and we will follow-up with more specific literature and information.

Consultants Opportunity

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