larifications to Applicants
for Personal Coaching through the Site

Our purpose is to describe and characterize your personal development question and give you an initial course of action. This will be based on the information that you will provide us. Your question and answer will be published in this section with a pseudonym that you choose and only you can identify. If the information is detailed and relevant, namely the more it touches your personal problem, we can give you greater assistance. However, applying through the medium of the Internet does not replace "face to face" professional treatment. Such treatment is much more effective. However, it is known that many people with a personal problem are not capable of going on their own to a professional. It is difficult for them to cope with the embarrassment of a stranger "prying" into the corners of their soul and discovering secrets that even they themselves are not able to admit. If you count yourself as one of these people then receiving coaching through the Internet, with all methods of caution to protect your privacy, will enable you to get around this problem. The person providing coaching and replying to you will know you only by your pseudonym and that is all. 

It is important to clarify that we cannot provide you with a personal diagnosis and help you reach correct decisions through this type of counseling. Only a personal meeting with a professional who knows how to ask the correct and directed questions can do this. Therefore, we recommend that you should not be satisfied with the initial answer you receive through the "Personal Development Institute" site, but you continue with regular professional sessions, especially if the problem is more severe. We hope that applying for personal coaching through the "Personal Development Institute" site will make it easier for you to step ahead towards receiving regular counseling.

The answers that are given to applicants do not oblige the editorial board of the site but only the respondents.

Counseling through the site does not create a therapist-patient relationship.